The Ultimate 

Canadian Rock Getaway

Do you and your friends like to rock out but you don't have a band, gear or place to play?

How about a once in a lifetime getaway to record some killer jams with Can-rock superstars?  

Welcome to the

CanRock Recording Club

Plug in to the CanRock Recording Club! We'll take you and your friends for a bespoke rockstar weekend filled with great music, incredible food and a professional recording experience all in a relaxed setting in beautiful Canadian cottage country! You just bring an overnight bag and we'll supply the rest. You'll love jamming with the pros and listening back as your dreams are captured by the CanRock's seasoned recording studio veterans. Rock like a pro with the CanRock Recording Club and live all the magic of a rock and roll recording session. Life's too short NOT to rock out! Are you ready to ROCK?

where else can you?

Record with seasoned studio veterans

We look forward to giving you the ultimate Canadian Rock experience and I personally guarantee you will have the time of your lives recording with our solid group of Canadian Rock royalty! 

Stephen Pitkin
Founder, CanRock Recording Club

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