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Frequently Asked Questions

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A CanRock Recording Session is a bespoke music recording session, tailored especially for YOU. This is your chance to sing YOUR favourite music and fulfill the dream of making a real professional record in a comfortable environment with a professional easy going band and celebrity guest who are trained to accommodate your every need. Each event is catered by experts in food preparation and enhanced with a pro video archive for your permanent scrapbook.

The cost of a CanRock event is variable and tailored specifically to each client, creating a high value and truly unique experience. There are five main components that make up a once in a lifetime CanRock session.;


  • Food

  • Accommodations

  • Live professional musicians

  • Celebrity musician

  • Film & recording pro production

We endeavour to get you the best rate possible with all of these things considered. Coordinating accommodation rental, musician appearances, all portable recoding equipment, in-depth post production hours, food and beverage sourcing, preparation and much more, the weekend costs add up quickly.


Think of a bespoke CanRock recording getaway in similar terms as a milestone event such as a major anniversary, birthday or celebration of living!

Please fill out our CANROCK FULFILLMENT FORM to get a full quote.

A deposit of $1000 is due immediately upon booking, and the full amount wired to CanRock Recording Club two weeks before the event begins. We will honour 10% discount to all orders fully paid within one week of registration.

We have two locations available in Ontario.  One is located in Eugenia Ontario, nestled nicely beside Lake Eugenia in ski country just minutes from Beaver Valley ski club. The other is on the Isle of Rock, on Kawagama Lake in the Haliburton Highlands. The beauty of the CanRock production expertise is that we can be flexible - so use your imagination. Because of our portability, we can play and record music in just about any exotic and amazing location. If you have your own private getaway or a desired specific 3rd party venue, please bear in mind ...at least six adults). You chosen site must also have modern electrical service AND a rock n roll sized room for recording. Our logistics specialist will determine suitability at the outset of our discussions.

Flexible, but a typical session lasts from Friday to Sunday. More days can be added upon request.

We do best with groups of 1 - 4 people, though there will be some flexibility depending on the location.

Yes! We are very flexible with what you are bringing to the event. Full band? Co-writer? Friend from work who you jam with? Old bandmate(s). There is space to tell us more about that in our CANROCK FULFILLMENT FORM

Anything is possible. Your fave Neil Young songs? CHECKI! Beatles? CHECK! Canrock hits? CHECK! Rock, pop, folk, blues, R&B, you name it. FIll your faves out in our CANROCK FULFILLMENT FORM for us to get a sense of what you’re after!

Most definitely! Our musicians and production team are adept and experienced in working with various songwriters. This is our bread and butter - in fact all of our Pros have extensive writing credits as outlined in their respective bios. This is next level immersion and is a value added dimension that will require a few pre production sessions, setting us all up for successful results during the getaway weekend. Please use the CANROCK FULFILLMENT FORM to let us know what’s up!

Up to 10 songs can be done in one weekend session. However, less can be more. Depending upon the complexity of the music, preparation, or overdubs required, a client may want to concentrate on fewer pieces for a higher quality end product per song. Our guests are often surprised at what comes out in the late night jams. This is the magic of CanRock.

Yes, after we’re done, the music and video is all YOURS!

The few guest singers we’ve had as guests have gotten a real kick out of living the rock star stage & studio life with a seasoned session band behind them, making them sound like a million bucks. However, if you’re a player and not a singer and want to get your yaya’s out on another instrument of your choice, then with enough notice from you, we can bring in a male or female (of both) professional singer who can do it all!

Yes. Our pro band likely only needs 2 to 3 passes per song to get the vibe and killer takes down. But every CanRock Session is equipped with a second room for overdubs. Here we have all kinds of fun during the same weekend adding vocal harmonies, percussion, additional instrumentation and lots of time for second chances at vocals if needed.

Great, amazing food. Have no fear our chef is most excellent and loves to impress. Our menus are flexible and will be provided well in advance of your event and customized to your taste.

Unfortunately we can not accommodate pets at this time.

Unfortunately we can not accommodate children at this time, unless they are over 19 and are performing as well of course.

Yes and no. Depending on the time of year and location, we may or may not be taking breaks for; boat rides, skiing, snowboarding, water skiing, etc. But do know that there will be plenty of opportunities to get your relaxation/recreation/rock on!

There are three phases to post production audio and two for video. You will receive rough mixes of audio within 2 days, and all audio and video between 15 - 30 days, depending on production schedules. That we keep as a paramount deadline to achieve, but is not always the case depending on how many songs we have to mix and edit and overdub on, as well as the countless hours of video we need to render and edit for your archives. *You will also have a chance to request revisions to the audio **one time**, so get all your remarks in one place.