the ultimate canadian rock getaway 

CanRock Pros

These guys are real pros. Over 100 years of recording, touring and production experience between them. Dozens and dozens of amazing records. Check out the great musical history below and they all have NEW AMAZING music just released or soon to be coming out!



Tyler has been a member of Barenaked Ladies for over 30 years with the group earning two Grammy nominations and winning multiple Juno Awards including group of the year in 1993, 1999 and 2001. The band is known for their high energy, often humorous and engaging live-shows, and famous for selling 14 Million records world-wide. Their theme song to the smash-hit CBS Comedy The Big Bang Theory has welcomed viewers to the show in living rooms across the globe. After receiving a degree in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson Polytechnic in 1990, Tyler met the members of Barenaked Ladies during the Waterloo Buskers Carnival and went on to fill their desire for a kit drummer, bringing a background of Drum Corps and garage rock to the group's acoustic repertoire. In the CanRockers, Tyler brings rock star power, enthusiasm, rock and roll folklore and so much more.



Tim Bovaconti grew up on Toronto’s Ward’s Island where he played his first gig at the age of 14. Since then Tim has fronted a few bands (The Love Cows,Pop Vultures) and developed a reputation as a talented multi-instrumentalist, performing mostly on guitar, touring and recording with the likes of Ron Sexsmith, Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman, Leonard Cohen, Kim Stockwood, The Sattalites, Dave Swarbrick (Fairport Convention), Andy Kim (“Sugar,Sugar”) and many others. As a session player, Tim is adept on guitar, mandolin, lap and pedal steel, vocals and bass guitar and records tracks and produces for many artists in his Tim’s Garage studio, where he also mixes the CanRock songs in post.



Stephen, the originator of the CanRock Recording Club has forged a career enabling emerging artists to achieve their musical vision. Harnessing a portable 24 track recording studio, Doots has sharpened a unique skill set focused on recording, engineering, mastering and producing diverse musical artists outside of the traditional studio environment. As drummer/engineer with Canadian alt-country trio “Elliott Brood” since 2003,, Doots and co have travelled all over the globe and garnered five Juno Award Nominations, one Polaris Prize Shortlist and a Gemini Award Nomination. He’s CRC main production wizard that also edits, collaborates and mixes the songs in post. 



The Dill aka. Dylan Hudecki (By Divine Right, Junior Blue) is a Canadian indie-rock vet out of Hamilton. In 2018 he released his debut album “Greetings From” via Dead Radio Love Records (boutique of Riverfest Elora). It was a vinyl ‘best of’ collection of his 52 song magnus opus simply titled “52”. A giant 52 song, 52 playing card, 113 person collaborative artistic project, 15 years in the making. Now 2020, The Dill has taken 12 of the remaining 40 songs left off of the vinyl, and is releasing it remixed and remastered digitally, as a book-end record titled “Beside” to close the last chapter of the 52 project. Mostly plays bass with the CanRock crew live, but is one of the producers that edits, collaborates and mixes the songs in post.



With over 25 years of television and filmmaking experience, Andy brings a high-level of visual expertise to every Canrock project. For him, music is a way of life. Be ensured that he will be on your team, bringing energy and getting your best performance musically and visually. Years of knowledge making documentaries and compelling stories will be infused into every client's video and audio take-aways. Andy has many years experience playing in and leading many bands and musical projects. He sings and plays everything from big band jazz to heavy metal. Definitely a team player!



Stephen has been either a self employed contractor or an entrepreneurial entity for most of his working career.  From media production, hospitality consultancy, inventory management, digital content platforms and real estate management, Stephen has deployed his problem solving, people management, and business acceleration skills in a variety of capacities. Currently a co-owner and operator of a multi-residential property, Stephen is central to the resurrection and restoration of a centuries old housing complex in the heart of midtown Toronto. Music lover? Yes! Musical experience? Nil! Stephen was the perfect candidate as the very first CanRock “Joe”. Under the artful guidance of the seasoned “Pros”, was he able to pull it off? You be the judge...



Our assistant engineer is no novice. Having fronted Hamilton’s The Crowleys since 2017, Cohen has toured regionally, received major radio airplay on indie88 (among others) and has an exciting musical future ahead of him. A multi instrumentalist, he co-writes, produces and engineers his own bands recordings, in addition to his work as an engineer at Hamilton’s prestigious Threshold Recording Studio. As well as engineering the CanRock weekends, Cohen is also one of the producers that edits, collaborates and mixes the songs in post.